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Production of posters and stands on labour protection

The most important thing in the organization of the enterprise is the organization of personnel safety. Posters on labor protection is an important requirement that increases the level of safety in the workplace. They are a very convenient and clear way to demonstrate the rules of conduct and prohibitions. Equipping working spaces, offices with stands or posters on labor protection can significantly reduce the risk of occupational injuries.

Health and safety Posters

Having made such stands in bright colors and installed in a prominent place, you will contribute to the spontaneous study of the rules of conduct by employees in the workplace, which will prevent the occurrence of emergency situations or quickly and correctly eliminate the consequences of the latter. Visual memory in people is well developed, because what a person saw in the picture he remembers much better than the usual text.
We are happy to help you in the manufacture of information stands, if necessary, with the introduction of additional information about the features and specifics of your company, to equip the stand with transparent pockets for rapid change of the necessary data. Posters on labor protection should be bright, clear with the corresponding illustrations and inscriptions, thus it will be possible to draw the maximum attention of employees to information which is given on such posters.
Format-West company offers high-quality, clear and accurate printing of posters on labor protection and stands.

Occupational safety Posters samples:

ability to change information posters

Why use stands on labour protection in enterprises?

To ensure the quality of the work process and the rules of conduct on the production of the necessary stands for the protection of labor. Their main purpose is to inform workers about the safety rules, to inform about the rights and obligations in accordance with the requirements of labor legislation. Undoubtedly, the presence of stands and posters on labor protection at enterprises allows timely informing the staff about changes in the organization of work processes, orders of management, changes in legislation or in the Charter of the company. According to the Ukrainian legislation in each institution should be issued a corner where clearly spelled out all the provisions on labor protection.

Functions of occupational safety stands

The main function of stands on labor protection – information. Filling of stands should contain:

  • comprehensive safety regulations;
  • rights and obligations of employees in accordance with the legislation and the Charter of the enterprise;
  • rules of conduct at specialized working locations;
  • other additional information;

Particular attention should be paid to the stands on labor protection companies in which there are dangerous production factors. Information about them and means of collective or individual protection must be placed on the stands. You should also add an algorithm for team actions in emergencies or accidents.

Production of posters and stands on labor protection in Lviv

Printing Format Zahid carries out production of stands and posters on labor protection to order. The advantage of choosing individual stands for your own company is the possibility of individual design with the adaptation of stands to the requirements of your company. Printing capabilities Format-West allow you to print on various surfaces from plastic to glass, wood, metal. High-quality digital printing and professional approach to the production of stands allows the company to create a unique event Format products of high quality.


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