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Design and layout

Design is one of the main aspects of the advertising sector. Poster or sign, banner or city lights – all these things are designed to interest a potential customer when he is in a car, public transport or bicycle. The person in this case is able to stop his eyes only for a few seconds and must remember the exact information you wanted to give. And here the most important part is in  well- chosen  design.

For effective advertising, you need to clearly think through the idea to pay maximum attention to the fonts and colors and their harmonious combination with selected pictures or decorations. Be sure to consider the height of the building where the baner will be placed , you need to select letters, phone number and colors. A common mistake is too much  information , which negatively affects the customer. The design is very important in all sphere of printing. business card -is  a face of the company, the flyer  covers the basic information about the product or service. So the key to successful advertising – is a good layout.

If you do not have design of the poster or banner , we will be more than happy to help you.

The price for design services depends on two main criterias: clearly defined ideas and their difficulty. The duration of the work depends on task difficulty.

Good design, combined with our high-quality printing solution will be a successful solution for your  advertising campaign.



Large format printing

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UV printing

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Digital offset printing

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Cutting plotter

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Our works:

  • Parus Park Ltd

    printing on banner cloth

  • Rado Ltd

    printing on glass

  • Galicia Ltd


  • Niko Ltd

    oracal and backlight material

  • Eurosport Ltd

    printing on wallpaper

  • Blum Ltd

    oracal with cutting

  • Kerama Market Ltd


  • Sniezka Ltd

    oracal and banner