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What is a card, its impact on the business?

printing business cards lions
Business card is a portable carrier of information about a person or business. The availability of high-quality, presentable business card is one of the foundations of successful marketing. Active business involves a lot of meetings, negotiations, new acquaintances and useful contacts. Of course, not always in that flow of events is the ability to record contact information. The first variation of business cards appeared in the early fifteenth century in China. Subsequently, the inventive European entrepreneurs realized that a small carrier contact information can be a good marketing tool. As it later turned out business cards actually have a positive effect on business development.

Printing business cards – varieties

There are currently distribution of printed cards for these types:
• Personal;
• Business;
• Corporate;
the Personal business cards used in everyday conversation, they are not intended for the solicitation of business contacts. In this type of business card will contain the personal data – name and surname, contact phone number and email address.
the Business cards are among the most common. They are created for the presentation of the personality as a specialist in a particular field. Among the information that is indicated on the business card indicate: surname, name, patronymic, position where the person works, company, work contact details. A common practice is printing business cards for companies employees. Thus the expert receives a personal card, and the company is expanding the range of potential customers.
the Corporate business cards are a kind of presentation card of the company. They, as a rule, you specify the name of the company, list of services, map.

Where you can print business cards in Lviv?

Printing business cards is an important task that requires experience, quality equipment and professional approach to business. Company Format-West offers high-quality digital print business cards in Lviv, as for companies and corporate clients and personal.

Business cards – as a tool in business are indispensable. Urgent business card printing card service that will come to the rescue in cases where cards ended, and on the nose, super-important meeting or event that can bring many useful contacts. Ordering the printing of business cards, You can also use the service of design and prototyping. Thus, the Format of the Event involved the entire process of creating business cards from digital design to print business cards on professional equipment. We guarantee high quality urgent printing of business cards in Lviv.

Unusual cards – how to attract the attention of potential customers?

In a standard rectangular business card has long been accustomed to people. The vast majority of us stores them in dozens of standard vitican or immediately sends it to the trash, not paying attention to the information that is listed on it. Twenty-first century is the century of modern technologies and creative approach. Long been proven that if you want to draw attention to yourself, you need to come up with something interesting and unique. One of the latest trends steel embossed business cards. Tactilely they are much nicer than the usual glossy cards. In the manufacture of business cards should also pay attention to the paper. If you use high quality, thick textured paper, you will be able to obtain the business card of high reliability, which are well retain their shape and not damaged. Another new trend in the direction of the printing original form. As you know, the most common are rectangular business cards. Today, however, square, round, many-sided business cards attract more attention. In the case of printing business cards atypical forms should consider whether they are comfortable to use.

The use of images and color combinations in the cards

Ordering print business cards should be based on the corporate colors, which are specified in the brand book of the company. Freedom and creativity should be applied when planning the printing of personal business cards. Thus you can emphasize your bright personality. On the business cards is to place the logo of the company when designing the layout, also consider the sizes of text blocks, so they were not too small. It is important that information on business cards was well-read, intuitive, simple and as accessible as possible. Do not try vmlite on the card with too much information.

Additional questions to the section “Making business cards in Lviv” What business card printing services do you provide?

Our company provides a wide range of business card printing services in Lviv. We offer both standard business card printing using various materials and finishes, as well as individual design and production of business cards to order.

What materials are used for business card printing?

We use high-quality materials for business card printing, including cardboard, paper of various densities and textures, as well as special coatings that give business cards resistance to wear and tear and a spectacular appearance.

What business card design capabilities do you have?

We have a team of professionals who can help you create a unique business card design. You can send us your own layouts or use our templates to create a personal style. We also offer graphic design services to create professional and impressive looking business cards.

What is the lead time for business cards?

The terms of business cards production depend on the volume of the order and the complexity of the design. Usually, we try to fulfil the order on time.

Why choose our company for business card printing in Lviv?

  • High quality printing: We use modern equipment and quality materials to ensure the best result for your business cards. Every detail is taken into account to ensure vibrant colors, crisp printing and a refined look.
  • Reasonable production times: We value your time, so we do everything possible to make business cards fast and efficient. We adhere to pre-agreed deadlines so that you can receive your business cards on time.
  • Flexibility in orders: We have no restrictions on the volume of the order. Whether you need a small number of business cards for personal use or a large number for your business, we are happy to supply you with the quantity you need.
  • Competitive prices: We offer competitive prices for our business card printing services in Lviv. We understand that effective marketing should not be too expensive, so we work to ensure the availability of our services for all customers.


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