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Large format printing

today’s world is difficult to imagine without the shop signs and  working hours, a cinema without a poster, museum, hospital, school or kindergarten without stands and signs. Even a modern wedding will not pass without a bright banner as a background for memorable photos. All this is a clear evidence that large format printing, perhaps unnoticeable, but has penetrated almost all spheres of our life.

Until recently, one of the main applications of large-format printing outdoor advertising were  billboards, city lights, branding transport, shops, windows. And every year the need for such printing is growing. Decoration of special events (wedding banners presswall (brandwall), welcome banners, etc.), interior design (wallpapers, printing on canvas), production of information stands. There are a thousand unexpected situations where printing is a perfect solution.

Tired of seeing an ugly wall of a neighboring house out of your window every morning – no problem, print a view of your  favorite nature place – and every morning will be brighter even without a sun. You can also help your grandmother – to print labels with the names of the jams she makes this year. A great gift for birthday can a piture or photo of your favourite painting printed on canvas. In such special moments of life as an angagment ,  wedding decoration or meeting your wife from  maternity home a welcome poster printed on the banner will be a perfect solution.

With the help of a large format printing, you can get your picture on a paper, self-adhesive film, perforated film, banner and banner mesh, canvas and wallpapers.

We try to give you as much information as possibel to inform you about materials and their application to make a large format printing easier and more understandable for you. And we guarantee the quality, efficiency and reliability of your orders.

Large format printing is divided into solvent printing and ekosololvent. Print solvent inks offers high resistance to weather and abrasion. The service life of 3 years. It is used in all outdoor advertising. Ekosolvent printing is mainly used in interiors and images with high detail. A drop of ink is less than in solvent printing that provides high resolution and print quality.


Banner – a strong, flexible and versatile white material (plastic PVC, reinforced polyester filament). It is used as a promotional designs – boards, arches, which are mounted on the facades of houses, shops and inside the premises. This material is not afraid of changes in temperature, precipitation and UV rays. Designed for one side printing. Banner is molded and laminated. Cast banner is designed for Long-term use, has a high strength, easily transported and assembled. More expensive than laminate, but can be used  much longer. Laminated banner is used for short-term promotions as a budget option. It has a lower density in comparison with the cast and its structure is different. Depending on the application, there are Backlit and Blackout banners.

Banner Backlit (Flex) – material specially designed for illuminated signs, light boxes and structures with internal lighting. For maximum color saturation at lightening images on this banner  double-sided printing can apply.

Blackout– special banner material for two sides printing. Light resisting layer of fabric prevents fend images from one side to the other. Often used for printing holders, pillars and doublesided stretch marks. All vinyl fabric suitable for printing full-color images on a large format plotters using solvent ink. Due to the high absorbent capacity of the surface of the vinyl the prints  remain resistant to any operational impact and optimal linen fabric does not lead to violations of transmission color.

Banner mesh – perforated banner material. Structure of the  material solves the problem of loading the strong wind and low density (270-350 g / m2) allows the creation of gigantic proportions. The most popular material for advertising on scaffolding during the restoration and construction work. In addition, stage and television scenery, published on the net, no reflections under bright studio lights .Also a significant advantage of using the mesh for windows branding- is the possibilty  to let the daylight into the room not blocking it.

Self-adhesive vinyl– is one of the most popular media for large-format printing. Films have a very wide range of use: decoration of premises, windows and signs, making information signs, signboards for tuning cars and placing advertising information on a public transport. Brand Oracal was one of the firsts to present their product in Ukraine. Because of this, any adhesive, is commonly called Oracal.There are white and transparent self -adhesive vinyl. Both of them can be glossy or matte. Adhesive makes it possible to produce a variety of stickers , which, if necessary, can be  cut through cutting plotter in diffrent shapes.

One Way Vision  – perforated film designed to transport gluing windows and shop windows. The film is highly translucent ability. Image You can see one way vision film  very clearly  from one side, and on the back – visible black mesh with round holes, which the human eye is not focused on and has the effect of light toning.

Poster paper Blueback  -a waterproof paper with blue reverse side – is the main material to fill planes billboards. Term use of posters printed on blueback 1-2 months. The standard density – 115 g / m.kv. Is also suitable for making posters  for short-term use.

Paper Backlit – a translucent paper, specially designed for illuminated signs, light boxes (city-lights) and structures with internal lighting. The standard density – 150 g / m.

The canvas  – a dense material with a textured surface that mimics the artistic canvas. Printing on canvas is a ferfect decoration for any interior, and allows implement into reality any of your incredible ideas.


Large format printing

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