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The printing of leaflets in Lviv, prices, technology, features

printing of flyersPostcards are one of the varieties of information products. In fact the name itself comes from the word sheet. That is, the leaflets are newsletters that are carriers of the corresponding greeting, advertising or other information. Most associations have people call postcards, which in the last century was one of the most popular ways greetings loved ones at a distance. Post leaflets contained a welcome image, a field to fill the recipient and sender, an area for greeting text and fixing brands. Today, these leaflets has not lost relevance, but are somewhat less popular.

What types of cards exist?

in addition to the above mentioned postcards, there are also:

  • Postal cards
  • Agitation leaflets
  • Flyers

This division is repelled depending on the purpose of the leaflets. Information leaflets used for “information campaigns”. For example to disseminate information about the dangers of HIV/AIDS was used leaflets with information about the virus, modes of transmission and methods of prevention. Propaganda leaflets is a way of political propaganda, we regularly meet during election campaigns.

One of the most interesting varieties are the flyers. the Printing flyers bought the company to bring new clients or to promote the re-visit of loyal customers. Experienced marketers often combine postage and flyers. Ordering the printing of leaflets which carries holiday greetings and additionally promotional information about the company, latest draw the attention of customers to their side.

Printing flyers prices of materials

printing of leaflets Lviv

Leaflet printing is possible on paper, cardboard, if there is a need for a unique product, can be used UV printing on glass, wood or metal.

of Course the most popular is the digital printing flyers on paper. Actually this technology allows to manufacture several test samples, among them choose the best and then start to print a batch of cards. Prices for printing flyers vary depending on lot sizes, complexity of print, the need for prototyping.
Company Format-West lions performs digital printing of leaflets, thanks to modern equipment and extensive experience and professional approach to business we ensure vivid color reproduction and durability and high quality made cards. The price of printing leaflets in comparison with cities such as

Kiev, Dnipro, Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Chernihiv, Vinnitsa, Kharkiv, Odessa affordable enough.

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