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Outdoor advertising

Stopping a look at some advertising even for a few seconds, the consumer makes an important decision: to buy or not to buy. Outdoor advertising is the hallmark of the company, and subconsciously stimulates the customer choose the product or service from the offfred. This type of advertising at relatively low costs informs a large audience of potential customers in a short period of time.

there are different types  of outdoor advertising:

  • Billboards – a large  billboards that are installed on highways and city streets, one of the most effective types of outdoor advertising, is designed for drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Standard size 6×3 board. For short-term promotions or frequent changes  blueback paperis normally used. If the image is not  planed to change, and advertising is applied for a long time – it is better to use banner.
  • Prizmatrons – billboard space which consists of tightly spaced to each other trihedral prisms which,  while moving, rotate around its axis and create an advertising image. With moving all the time prizmatrons  attracte more attention than usual unmowning add and allow  place  three images that linger to watch 10-30 seconds. For gluing paper blueback is used.
  • Citylights – advertising design with internal lighting with fluorescent lamps or LEDs, which makes it very visible at night and evening. Standard sizes 1.2h1.8 m.Vstanovlyayetsya as parvylo along pavements, road flows on the paths and bus stops. To print using paper backlit.
  • Lightbox – light box with the information placed on it. Lightbox can have different  shape, be placed on the street as well as inside the premises , can be one side or two sides . This may be a sign, pointer, information stand or just a decoration.
  • Backlights – billboard,  advertising design in video boxes with internal illumination, which allows evenly illuminate advertising spots. Such designs are usually placed on the main streets, since backlight  is much more effective, though at the same time is more expencive .  Banner with illumination (Flex) is used for printing.
  • transport adviertising – everyone uses public transport that is why  advertisment placed on a  vehicles or inside is very effective, chances are much more likely to find your audience. In addition to public transport,  outdoor advertising and branding your own car is very effective. Often  for outdoor advertising we  use perforated and self-adhesive film.
  • Standers – Mobile advertising construction, which mainly placed on sidewalks near the premises being advertised. Usually the design is made in the form of an arch or a rectangle with information on one or two surfaces. There are many types of structures:
    A-shaped, T-shaped, shaped, metallic with a click systems, wooden and others.
  • Stretching – are often called all the banners, because of the way they are installed  –  using cable ties, ropes and other aids. Road stretching – advertising media that are placed on the carriageway that they caught the attention of passengers and drivers. Lately becomes more  popular banner stretching in the middle of public transport hanging frim a celling right above the driver . Material: banner or banner Blockout.
  • Firewall – full color images of large, custom sizes, which are placed on the facades of buildings, scaffolding. Material: banner mesh which can resisit strong wind . In places where the wind is not strong, and the image area is not so big sometimes banner cloth can be used.
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