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Stands for the school in Lviv order printing

Visualization in the educational process plays a decisive role in students perception of educational material. Modern school stands are able to attract the attention of children and significantly improve the efficiency of learning. In addition to being used to visualize formulas or geographical continents, school stands are used to demonstrate the success of students,the presentation of a team of teachers,coverage of thematic events.

What types of school stands can be created?

Now in schools often found paper information stands,sometimes with a protective lamination coating. However, much more practical and modern stands are definitely for the school. They are lightweight, durable, long-term retain the brightness of the image and attract the attention of children.

School stands are large in size. In meters the most popular sizes are:

  • 2,5×1,4
  • 2,5×1,66
  • 2×1,6

Among the smaller stands are in demand stands with such aspect ratios, see:

  • 65×87
  • the

  • 119,3х59
  • the

  • 92х100
  • 107×78
  • 65×87
  • 65×87
  • the

  • 73х100
  • 76×95
  • the

  • 65х95

Where to buy school stands in Lviv?

an Excellent solution for the organization of an interesting and effective educational process is the production of individual school stands. In Lviv the printing of school stands on the order performed by the company Format Zahid. In fact, there are no restrictions on the possibilities of printing, it can be both large-format stands and small school stands.

For inspection stands an important factor is the presence of pockets made of transparent PVC. They are used to place information on the stands and need regular updating. In these pockets are inserted A4 sheets with the necessary content. This allows you to save money on regular updating of stands.

In addition to custom-made stands for the school,the event Format company also produces fire safety stands.


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