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Print flyers as an effective marketing ploy

Printing of flyers in LvivThe Flyer is a small printed information and advertising sheet, the main purpose of which is to disseminate information and bring maximum number of customers for the company. Most often, flyers are used by small and medium businesses, because the price of printing of fireworks are quite affordable, and the effectiveness of this marketing tool was proven.
Printing flyer a great idea for promoting events. Thus it is possible to notify about holding interesting events to attract a bigger audience and attract more attention. The main objective of a flyer is to bring the target audience to the event. Flyers are most effective when give the owners of certain bonuses. For example a 10% discount on the purchase in the shop, free entry to the event, an additional gift when purchasing the product, etc. In this way You not only bring a large audience to his institution, but also get more bonuses to brand reputation. Loyalty to the company increases and she becomes more popular.

Features of printing flyers

It should be noted that the main advantage of flyers is its compactness. However, this complicates the work of designers. It’s not so easy on a small piece of paper to place all the necessary information. However, experienced professionals for this task is given just.
The most common are the standard sizes of flyers in the following formats:

  • A6
  • A5
  • 98х210 and 190×90.

In fact, no strict requirements and print flyers for each company is individual and adjusted to her needs. The biggest advantage is the speed of printing. In fact, in a short time, sometimes within a few hours you can make a large batch of promotional flyers. Printing flyers often saves the company from failure and allows for several days to significantly increase the coverage of offline advertising target audience.
In some cases the company’s print flyers with fields for filling in personal data. In this way, the flyer becomes nominal, and entitles the owner to some valuable bonus. As practice shows, flyers of this type lead to a more targeted audience of customers.

Where to print flyers in Lviv?

Company Format-the lions West provides high quality printing services and promotional products. Printing is done using modern digital technology that ensures high quality of colour reproduction, allowing us to quickly print large quantities of products, and create test samples before making a whole batch. Printing of flyers in the center of Lviv will allow You to save a lot of time. Our more than a decade of experience in the manufacture of printed promotional products ensures a thorough approach and reliable execution of obligations.
Order prints flyers in Lviv by phone:
+38 097 799 43 39 – Alla;
+38 067 664 57 50 – Anya;
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