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Printing on the wallpapers

Rolling wallpapers are used to stylize the premises in recent decades quite often. They are practical, easy to wash, are simply replaced, and most importantly, they are inexpensive. But sometimes we face the challenge of creating a unique interior design for a fairly small amount of money. Standard wallpapers will not fit here because their style often repeats itself and meets at every step. But there is an option – to use print on wallpaper, which allows you to create custom wallpaper for your project without difficulty.

Wallpaper Features

For ease of use we print on roll paper and apply the image on paper with special watertight ink. These inks allow you to create wallpaper that you can wash. It is worth noting that they have no alien smells. The image can be applied to both the entire surface of the wallpaper, and to some plot. If you wish, you can implement a picture that will take the entire wall from floor to ceiling, or make some smaller compositions. It all depends on taste and desire.

Print on wallpapers in Lviv – Unique interior design

print on the wallpapers
Order photo wallpapers on your own design – the best way to implement an individual project of the room. Format West Lvov company prints on high quality wallpapers. The paints used are safe for people, they are excellent in color gamut and are hydrophobic, which allows you to wash the wallpaper and not worry about possible damage to the image.
The use of printing on wallpaper allows you to apply to the surface of the walls virtually any images available in digital format. This can be:

  • Vivid photos,
  • digital reproductions of artistic works
  • Self-created images.

So simply and easily you can turn a boring interior into a stylish concept.


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Digital offset printing

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