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Additional Services

Stuffing eyelets
Eyelets – moulded plug , the kind of rivet hole. Used in the manufacture of banners and banner networks for further editing. Standard diameter hole grommets is 10 mm.


Banner hanging
Baner hanging primarily used  for large images, because the maximum width of a banner material and mesh 3.2 m. All bigger banners are welded by parts. Using a special machine, high temperature melted PVC banner fabric coating and binds the pieces into one. We use a high quality American tool -Triad, which allows to make the  joints smooth, neat and invisible. Provarka often used to enhance the edges of the banner. In this case propayuyetsya perimeter of the product or the party that needs strengthening.
There is also the concept of cold weld
This is a special bonding of the  parts with enhanced two-way tape glue base. Mostly used for making pockets. This type of welding is not advisable to use when the product is exposed to constant direct sunlight.


Pockets  – plumbed part of a  banner (loop) that looks like a pocket under the pipe, rebar, wire.


Setting slats – setting U-shaped aluminum brackets on banner material or mesh.

Products with slats are easy in use and mobile, upper strap loop has a vein that allows the use of the product as an informative poster everywhere.


Stretchers producrion
Canvas stretched after printing on the reverse side of the wooden frame using staples.
side frames can be in white colour or the same colour as a background.



Large format printing

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UV printing

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Digital offset printing

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Cutting plotter

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Our works:

  • Parus Park Ltd

    printing on banner cloth

  • Rado Ltd

    printing on glass

  • Olympiad “RIO 2016”

    printing on translucent paper "backlit"

  • Galicia Ltd


  • Niko Ltd

    oracal and backlight material

  • Eurosport Ltd

    printing on wallpaper

  • Blum Ltd

    oracal with cutting

  • Kerama Market Ltd


  • Sniezka Ltd

    oracal and banner