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Printing on canvas and fabric

The modern digital world is developing rapidly, and technology is not standing still. More recently, high-quality printing on fabric seemed fantastic, and today it is an everyday reality. With the help of UV printing technology it is now possible to apply images to various surfaces at the same time it is not only glass, wood, metal, tile, but also canvas, fabric, canvas.
Printing on fabric opened a new era in the world of advertising and branding. Already today, world-famous corporations give their employees and customers fabric products, which are applied to the company’s logos. The most popular are t-shirts, SWOT, backpacks where fabric printed brand mark.

Canvas printing – contemporary digital art

 print on canvas
Canvas-linen or hemp fabric, different density. It was chosen by artists as a basis for paintings. There are many world masterpieces of art painted on this fabric. Photo printing on canvas allows you to turn a family photo or any digital image into a work of art. This product will always look original and fit harmoniously into any design. Undoubtedly printed on canvas photos will be a great gift for loved ones and will definitely take pride of place on one of the walls in the house.
When preparing an image for printing on canvas, you should:

  • Use high resolution photo – the higher quality the better;
  • Not recommended to use images from social networks, since the latter reduce the quality of the pictures;
  • If the image was created in digital format, it is better to take the original file of the program in which it was created with the finished image;

Quite often, the paintings printed on canvas are used by designers to emphasize interior solutions. The peculiarity is that in fact, the Creator of the picture can use any color scheme, adapt it to the features of the room, and the picture printed on the canvas, in turn, will create a mood in the room.

Photo printing on canvas-incredible features

The canvas asotsiyatsya we have with works of art, and the image on the canvas, in turn, have become indispensable solutions in the design of premises, institutions and homes. Today, digital printing on canvas does not limit our imagination and allows us to produce really impressive products – from printing digital photos to paintings. In General, there are two types of printing on canvas:

  1. wide angle – the creation of paintings of large dimensions;
  2. interior – products of smaller size, the latter is selected depending on the design features;

Where in Lviv to order printing on canvas, canvas and fabric?

print on fabric

printing Format the Event provides high-quality, accurate ultraviolet printing services, allowing you to apply images to the surface of the fabric. The company is located in the Central part of the city near the railway station, at vul. Storozhenko 32.

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