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Sign printing in Lviv

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Undoubtedly the ability to attract the client’s attention to their own business directly affects its success. Purpose of signs – presentation of the brand to potential customers and focus the attention of potential customers on the institution. Today, there are unlimited opportunities for the production of advertising signs. Modern technology allows you to print on almost any material, and this in turn allows you to produce unique signs that will definitely stand out from the gray mass.

What kinds of signs can be distinguished

The type of a sign can be divided into interior and exterior. The first are used in the premises, they can often be found in boutiques in shopping centers. The second is common among the owners of offices and shops located on the street. Depending on the type of sign, you can use different types of printing. For facade signs it is recommended to use resistant paint, which can not be affected by external factors, but for interior it is less important.

Depending on the material from which the sign is made, the main categories are:

  • banner signs-printed on a special banner fabric, which is stretched on advertising structures;
  • PVC signs;
  • metal;
  • glass;
  • wooden signs;

one of the most popular are banner signs, such designs are inexpensive, unlimited in size and quite resistant. Other varieties are also quite popular, because they allow you to stand out from the competition. In particular, small businesses often print their work schedules on glass and metal signs. Such structures are mounted on the facades of buildings and harmoniously complement the architecture. Wooden signs often choose restaurants, pizzerias, when the interior of the institution is in perfect harmony with such a sign.

Light signs are, in fact, any type of sign with LED – backlit. With the help of directed light rays, you can emphasize the style of your sign, highlight it, make it brighter. This is especially important if the institution works mainly in the evening. The right kind of signs will be an additional advantage in the fight for the client.

Where to order signs in Lviv?

the Format-West company specializes in large-format printing and production of advertizing production. Our experts are well versed in the intricacies of the work in the manufacture of various types of signs. Printing of signs will undoubtedly be of high quality. It is worth noting that the company applies an individual approach to each client, because we are interested in doing our job as best as possible.


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