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Printing for students

Have been working with students for over 10 years, we know how important for them is a quality and quick work of transferring electronic form into printing.  We saw them falling asleep on  chairs in our office ,because of sleepless nights drawing and writing projects, while waiting for their print. They shared with us their victories and curiosities. And the best part is that these students have grown up with us, some ofthem are our customers now, working  on high positions in large companies . We are sure that our frienship will keep growing.

We are happy to help with the quality printing of architectural projects, term papers, dissertations and render. You can choose printing on different materials: banner, paper, film for overall operations and various types of paper that is used for printing A3 format.

We also suggest making tablets (tablets, stands), printing on a solid basis of PVC plastic thickness of 3-5 mm. Tech UV printing on PVC, convenient by the fact that the matte paint, which is very important in the protection work. And of course,  after an excellent defense of your  work, you would like to make a great student party. To disseminate information about unforgettable celebration, use our digital printing, flyers, posters and large printing decorations for your party.

we wish you successful study and unforgetable stident life!



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Our works:

  • Parus Park Ltd

    printing on banner cloth

  • Rado Ltd

    printing on glass

  • Galicia Ltd


  • Niko Ltd

    oracal and backlight material

  • Eurosport Ltd

    printing on wallpaper

  • Blum Ltd

    oracal with cutting

  • Kerama Market Ltd


  • Sniezka Ltd

    oracal and banner