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Printing calendars in Lviv

printing calendarsTime management – pledge of success and development of any company. The calendar is an indispensable assistant tool, without which it is difficult to imagine human existence. Marketers have managed to turn the calendars a great promotional tool. Quite often large companies give printed calendars to their customers for new year holidays. The calendar is placed a small logo or brand information, making the calendar a great tool offline advertising. In anticipation of the Christmas holidays should think of such a great marketing maneuver.

Types of calendars

In shared calendars can be classified depending on their destination. Typically, there are:

  • Wall calendars it’s a large area, which are fixed on the walls. They usually contain the calendar table, attractive images and useful information, which can be useful to the owner. For example, such calendars often specify a list of official days off. These calendars can be as a single page, with a whole year on the page, and toggle multipage. On such specified each month separately.
  • Table – small Desk calendars. Usually intended for use in the workplace. Sometimes we have a place for notes, so that a businessman could mark scheduled appointments or specific tasks.
  • Pocket – one of the most common and well-known varieties of calendars. They are small, about as card. On one side of this calendar is the calendar grid for the whole year, while the other branded the company logo and contact information.

Print pocket calendars – a good marketing move, does not require a Grand budget and allows you to cover large quantities of a considerable target audience. Choosing print calendars to order in professional typography the Format of the West – You are guaranteed to get quality products.

Print calendars on order in Lviv

Using the calendar as a tool of advertising – a good idea, but be aware that presentable last will depend on the customer perception of the company. Therefore, ordering the production of calendars, trust it to professionals. Do not skimp and try to print calendars on their own, because of home printers are not designed for such loads.

Printing Format-West lions uses professional digital printers that can print the calendars are of excellent quality in any format. We guarantee accurate colour reproduction and resistance to external impact. Manufacture of calendars – one of the many services of the company. If You do not have a designer, our specialists will perform layout and design.

Do not hesitate and order the printing of calendars in Lviv at the printing company Format-West.


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