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UV printing on wood

Wood is the oldest material used as raw material for construction, decoration or decoration. It can be used as a material for the floor, furniture, sports equipment, toys or other items of daily use. Due to the increasing interest in these raw materials, there are more and more new ways to decorate and complement it.

the Best option to make the product unique is to apply the desired pattern using UV printing.

How is color printing done on wood?

The basis of the method of ultraviolet printing are special light polymer ink. Thanks to the photochromic elements that activate chemical reactions in polymers, the ink when ithits the surface of the tree under UV radiation instantly freezes fixing the picture. The chemical bond ensureshigh durability of the image, but modern printing technology – the clarity of the picture.

друк на дереві у львові

Example of using UV printing on wood:

the Scope of application is quite wide, for example, it can be applied in the design:

  • individual furniture facades, countertops, dining rooms,
  • doors, aisles, floor, furniture elements,
  • drawing graphics on fences, packaging, spatial decorations, interior elements,
  • design of exhibition stands, graphics onhousehold items.

Recently, the popularity is gaining photo printing on a tree to create unique photo frames. Also printing photos on a tree is a great idea to create unique gifts for a birthday, anniversary or otherholiday.


depending on your needs, you can choose a print resolution of 720 to 1440dpi. UV printing is an ideal solution-the printed surface dries very quickly, and, in addition, this printed image is perfectly preserved even when in the external environment. We must remember that UV prints are of veryhigh quality, compared to traditional offset printing, screen printing or flexography.

Ecology and safety of UV printing

UV printing on wood is made without the use of solvents, it makes the technology environmentally friendly and safer than the traditionally used methods (for example, silkscreen). Since the ink solidifies instantly under the influence of light, there is no risk of contact with the paints at all.

Where to order printing on a tree in Lviv?

printing company Format-West specializes in printing services using modern technologies. The company’s office is located in the Central part of the city at 32 Storozhenko street.

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