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Printing on a grid of large size banners?

Modern printing technologies have made a tremendous technological breakthrough. They allowed printing large-sized huts on a banner grid, so you can get a huge advertising space or at the time of restoration to cover the non-aesthetic appearance of the facade of the house or institution.
Banner mesh is an ideal material for use on the street. Thanks to the fine perforations, it easily lets air flow and is not afraid of the wind. With proper fixation, it will serve for years.
Very common is the printing on a banner mesh in Europe, as there, it is used in construction. On the one hand, as an advertisement and aesthetic cover of construction, on the other hand as a fence prevent spilling when falling small pieces of putty, cement, etc.

Banner mesh Printing-technologies

For printing the images on the grid used solvent printing. Among its distinguished promowest:

  • affordable price
  • resistance to influence of external factors
  • high quality images
  • ability to print on different fabrics

As experience shows, the paint applied to the banner grid in this way does not crack, does not crumble and retains its appearance for a long time. Printing on the grid is a great way to create unique banners of large sizes and attract the attention of potential customers to your company.
West lions printing Format makes the press on a grid by means of the Mutoh Toucan Hybrid printer which can work with carriers up to 75 mm thick, weight of a roll up to 100 kg., width of a carrier up to 1626 mm. and width of a press – 1575 mm.

Where to order printing on the net?

Printing format West Lviv – provides printing services of varying complexity. Including printing on a banner grid.


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