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Booklet printing in Lviv

друкарня ЛьвівThe booklet is a carrier of information in the form of a single sheet of paper folded in two or more bends. We are faced daily with booklets in everyday life, from supermarkets, advertising and political campaigning. As practice shows – the booklet is a fairly easy way of conveying useful information to the user. Compactness and informativeness are the key benefits booklets. A unique opportunity to accommodate a lot of useful information in a small area of paper was the cause of serious popularity of booklets.
The origin of the name “booklet” has French roots, and the booklets were invented long before the invention of the printing printing. Today booklet printing is one of the most common types of offline advertising that allows you to convey to the target user the necessary information in full, with an attractive design and illustrations.

The Role of brochures in advertising campaigns

Compact folding booklet allows you to accommodate a lot of information. The most common booklets are in the tourism industry. This is a great way to combine a small card with a description of interesting locations. Equally important is the role they play in the advertising industry. The booklet is a great opportunity to tell the target audience about your product, it can be easily put multiple photos and a full description. Printing brochures in large quantities allows you to not only save the cost but also to reach a wider audience.

What equipment do we use for printing booklets?

Company Format-the West located in Lviv and offers high-quality digital booklet printing in any volume. The production of printed products is in the professional equipment from the best manufacturers:

  • Mutoh,
  • Scitex Vision,
  • Inca Digital Printers,
  • Epson.

The use of modern equipment guarantees high quality and attractiveness of printed booklets.
If necessary, our clients have the opportunity to use the services of a professional designer that will help you as practical, and perfectly place all the necessary information on the area of the booklet. Usually the prices of booklet printing vary depending on order volume, complexity of print, the need to create a layout etc. in order to find out the actual price for printing booklets please call the numbers: +38 (032) 239-55-65, +38 (032) 239-55-05.

Company Format-West guaranies the best booklet printing in Lviv.


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