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Printing tickets in Lviv

The company Format Zahid for several years provides quality services related to the printing of tickets. They represent the documents necessary for the organization of paid events and concerts, exhibitions, theatrical and circus performances. More tickets are used to pass to the amusement Park, etc.
Printing tickets in Lviv-affordable prices, high quality.
Tickets can serve as documentation of strict accountability, eliminating the need for organizers to purchase and register cash registers. It should be noted that, in addition to the spine, which is opened at the entrance, the ticket may contain additional detachable elements, for example, to receive a gift for a new year’s children’s holiday. More tickets made by us are often used as invitations for a private party, birthday celebration or wedding.

What is the procedure of printing tickets

If the customer decides to use our services, then after contacting us, the necessary steps for the production are carried out in the following sequence:

  1. The design of the ticket is created depending on the wishes of the customer, the features of a particular sphere of use.
  2. The cost is determined individually depending on the design of the materials used and the size of the batch.
  3. If the customer is satisfied with the price, the production begins. It takes one to two days.
  4. The buyer is informed of the complete readiness of the party.
  5. The customer checks the manufactured products, and then makes payment in the most convenient way. You can pay in cash, by Bank card or by transferring funds from an electronic account in any payment system.

In order to effectively meet the needs of the client, we always ask to provide the maximum amount of information about the desired products. If necessary, we can place advertising information about sponsors.

Features of making tickets

Customers who come to us for the first time need to know that tickets, like printing products, have several basic components, such as tear-off edges with perforation, personalization and protection against counterfeiting. For the convenience of accounting, finished products can be glued into special ticket books.

Tear-off edges are primarily used as a pass to events to pass control. Additional items can be used for other activities, such as going to special areas or receiving a gift.
production of tickets in Lviv.
When it comes to personification, in the manufacture of tickets, it is often limited to numbering, namely a unique number, which can be simple with duplication on the tear-off edge or spine, or complex. The latter includes a series, number, series and other parameters. If we are talking about printing tickets for private parties and private holidays, you can order products with a personalized name.
Protection against counterfeiting is of different levels. Gold paint, holographic stickers and watermarks can be used to create it. If we are talking about additional features, they include non-standard size, original shape, the use of design and color paper.

Why us

Customers who have previously applied to the company Format West, appreciated the following advantages:

  • A. providing a range of services. Ticket printing may include design services, professional advice, digital or offset printing, and finishing.
  • B. Urgent ticket printing. At the same time, there is a high probability of receiving a circulation on the day of the order.
  • C. Ordering online. At the same time, you will need to send a layout or order its development via the Internet.

To start cooperation with us, you can leave a request on the website or call the number located on the main page.


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