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UV printing

UV printing  – printing technology is relatively new, but every day is gaining popularity. That is not surprising, because with this option you can print on glass, wood, fiberboard, chipboard, PVC – plastic, cardboard and paper, wallpaper, fabrics, tiles, metal sheets and other materials.

The technology has many advantages:

  • quality, bright and saturated printing;
  • does not fade, resistant to external factors influence;
  • white printing;
  • ecological paints;
  • matte paint, which is not glowing;
  • possibilty of paint choice, it offers crisp, clear images that are on clearance.

Large format printer of Inca Digital Printers – Spyder 320, which we use in our production, with overall dimensions table 1.6h3.2m, can withstand the weight of 80 kg and allow print materials up to 30 mm. The peculiarity of this type of printing is in liquid paints become polymerize and become solid under UV lamps . The dye remains on the surface of the material, which ensures color saturation. For materials with a very smooth surface (glass, ceramic tile, acrylic, etc.) before printing we use a special primer that improves the adhesion of the paint material and helps to create additional protection increases the lifetime of the product.

Standard materials for UV printing with which we work with are:

textile; leather; canvas; door leaf; glass; steel; tree; Ceramic tile; composite.



Large format printing

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UV printing

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Digital offset printing

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Our works:

  • Parus Park Ltd

    printing on banner cloth

  • Rado Ltd

    printing on glass

  • Galicia Ltd


  • Niko Ltd

    oracal and backlight material

  • Eurosport Ltd

    printing on wallpaper

  • Blum Ltd

    oracal with cutting

  • Kerama Market Ltd


  • Sniezka Ltd

    oracal and banner