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Printing on PVC film lions

Large format printing on self-adhesive vinyl is most often used when necessary, printing on transport, local branding of outlets and offices. Attractive price for this type of printing, and high accuracy and beauty of the images made it very popular.

is used For printing PVC film, in people it is often called the Oracle, in honor of the manufacturer, first entered the market with this product. Printed on ORACAL film in its time was a breakthrough in the field of advertising and vdkbitw CIMA marketing opportunities for small and medium businesses.

What kinds of self-adhesive films used for printing?

  • Transport film is one of the most popular types of film. Printing on perforated film allows us to put it on the side Windows of transport creating a visual image from the outside and not covering the light from entering the interior of the bus or tram. This type of film is resistant to external factors and long retains its original appearance.
  • Opaque film can be applied in the interior, for the branding of surfaces, racks, etc., distinguishes this PVC film durability and affordability.
  • transparencies – often used in the branding of transparent surfaces, allowing you to create spectacular images on glass walls and partitions in shops and shopping centers.

Unquestionably a print on PVC opens up new opportunities for advertising and development of its own brand. It is worth noting that the film can be used for making colorful stickers. First using printing technology on adhesive tape on it to apply the necessary image, and then use a digital plotter, details cuts out the necessary forms – the result is a high quality and detailed stickers.

Print on PVC Lviv – where to order?

Company Format Zahid provides a wide variety of printing services including large format, offset, digital, UV printing. Here also have mastered the technology of printing on self-adhesive and well versed in the intricacies of branding of transport.

Additional questions for the “Printing on film” section

What are the advantages of film printing?

Advantages of film printing include its high resolution, accurate color reproduction and the ability to produce prints with a wide range of tones and rich blacks. Film printing is also more durable than digital printing and can last for many years without fading.

What is film printing?

Film printing is a printing process that uses film to create high-quality prints similar to photographs.

How long does it take to make a film?

The time required to print the film may vary depending on the size of the print, the complexity of the image and the printing method used. On average, it takes several hours to create one film print.

What is the cost of film printing compared to digital printing?

The cost of film printing may vary depending on the size of the print and the materials used. In general, film printing can be more expensive than digital printing, especially for larger prints or for prints that require special techniques. However, the higher cost is often offset by the higher quality and longer life of the final print.


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