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Print photobooks in Lviv

Druk FotoalbomPhoto Albums is a unique attraction that allows you to preserve memories and pass them on to future generations or to share them with descendants in a few decades. Unlike digital, printed photo albums, you can’t accidentally delete or lose because of the failure of the device on which it’s stored. A tradition among the Ukrainians has been the production of photo albums in honor of significant life events. Particularly important is a careful approach to printing photo albums and use professional equipment. After all, it guarantees the high quality of the album, the excellent color reproduction and print stability to external influences.

Where to print photo albums in Lviv?

Typography is the Format of the West in Lviv provides services of digital printing of photo albums and other products using a professional printer, the HP indigo Press 3050. Ordering wholesale printing of photo albums, you will definitely be the winner, since are guaranteed to get the albums of equally good quality.

an Important role in the quality of the print plays with color. It is worth noting that in the photo quite often happen like highly saturated photos or very bright or black and white. Professional printing ensures perfect transmission of all colors and characteristics of each photo in the photobook. Choosing a company for making photo books remember that you trust her own memories.

Varieties of photo albums and photo books

Most common classification of books according to the form:

  • Square (usually this formats: 20×20 and 30×30);
  • Rectangular (18×25, 20×30, 30×20);

In the vast majority of such products are used hard covers, guaranteeing protection against damage to the pages. For the latter, it is customary to use thick paper, which keeps the shape, not bent or broken.
the people photobooks and photo albums are often divided by theme depending on the event, in whose honor they were made. The most common are the albums:

  • School;
  • Wedding;
  • Exhaust;

For every photographer and designer undoubtedly important is a good partnership in which customers will be pleasantly surprised by the unique and colorful photo books. Printing Format-West performs quality printing of photo albums (school, wedding, graduation) with modern equipment. The use of digital printing does not create any restrictions on the size of the lots, and also allows you to print test samples in order to ensure that the whole party will be good and will satisfy customers.


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