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Print catalogues in the western region – the company is Format Zahid

Product Catalogs allow manufacturers to convey information to the end user and greatly simplify the process of selling goods.

printing catalogs in lviv

Catalogs usually consist of several sections, which indicate the main types of goods sold, the available description and the scale of cost.
the greatest need for ownership of product catalogs have firms engaged in the sale of dimensional goods, such as furniture stores. To organize an exhibition where all variations of goods will be presented in this case is extremely difficult.

Printing catalogs in Lviv

Printing format the Event provides a wide range of printing services including not only large-format or offset printing.

Directory Printing is one of the activities. Professional experts will help to go through the whole process from the development of the layout to the final production of the catalog and on the basis of their own experience will provide recommendations for the best implementation of the work. Corporate design in compliance with the recommendations of the brand book exclusively emphasize the high level of the company and the development of its own brand.

Booklets and catalogues contain information materials that make it much easier for potential customers to get acquainted with the product. Detailed description and specifications allow you to choose the desired model as accurately as possible. In fact, catalogs are essential attributes of most stores.

Layout Requirements

For multi-page products (booklets, catalogs, brochures, etc.), layouts must be prepared in Adobe InDesign layout software or provided in Adobe PDF format (version up to 1.6).

In case the company makes the imposition:

  • the file should not contain drive crosses and service information (cut marks, page numbers, paint names, etc.).
  • in that case, if the publication is used bleed (bleed), it should be taken into account in all files, of which is the descent.

Regarding the transfer of files in other formats – be sure to contact the Manager in advance and specify whether this is possible and how.

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Large format printing

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UV printing

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Digital offset printing

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Cutting plotter

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