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Advertising constructions

Mobile advertising constructions are easy to use and can be assembled in a short time without any tools. Such designs typically used in exhibitions, field sales, conferences and design offices. The most popular ones are spiders (X banners) and roll-ups.

X-Banner (spider, spider, stretching, tripod) – easy, convenient, stable and not expensive X-shaped structure which is ached to advertising canvas. Banner is well stretched on X-Banner with four eyelets that are in the corners. One more advantage of spider is that the images can easily be changed many times  quickly and without involving professionals in the process of installation.

We offer design following sizes:

  • 1.6х0.6
  • 1.8х0.8
  • 1.2х2Advertising constructions


Roll-up  – Mobile advertising stand with a roller which is located at the base of the structure. This allows you easily spin and twist advertising canvas in a  minute in the right place. One end is attached to the banner fabric blinds at the base of the structure, the other one to the aluminum strips. Between the base and the vertical bar is set aluminum pipe that supplies construction and holds a canvas rollout form.
Advertising constructions Lviv
The design is presented in  2×0.8 size

Each roll-up is placed in a bag pouch for easy transport and storage.


Large format printing

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UV printing

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Digital offset printing

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Cutting plotter

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Our works:

  • Parus Park Ltd

    printing on banner cloth

  • Rado Ltd

    printing on glass

  • Galicia Ltd


  • Niko Ltd

    oracal and backlight material

  • Eurosport Ltd

    printing on wallpaper

  • Blum Ltd

    oracal with cutting

  • Kerama Market Ltd


  • Sniezka Ltd

    oracal and banner