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Where to order banner printing in Lviv

Banners, variety, features

Banners in our everyday life has received considerable spread. It is hard to imagine the world of advertising without the use giant images that can attract the attention of the broad masses of people. One of the advantages possessed by the banners is their affordability. That is why today, has become widely popular and variations on them such as:

  • banner for the wedding
  • banner birthday

So people are trying to highlight your celebration and make it unique.

the production of the banner – the methods of fixing, gasket grommets

banner printing
Making banners is a difficult process that requires a thorough approach, professional equipment and experience to really get a good picture. To transfer the digital image layout banner fabric is usually used in large format printing. Type of large format printing depends on the purpose of the banner. For interior banners used ecosolvent print, and for those that are designed for outdoor use – solvent. Because it is resistant to temperature changes and other weather phenomena that allows long time to maintain good image quality.
Fixed banners may different methods, such as on frames and stretchers and metal or any other frame. The last method is one of the most common, for fixing the banners in this way is used eyelets. Gasket grommets on the banner greatly simplifies the use of the latter. Eyelets – special bushings that are attached to the edges of the banner fabric and have a hole diameter of one centimeter. Thus, using the grommets and rope banner can be reliably recorded without any problems.

banners in Lviv – prices, where to order?

Company Format-West lions performs performs services large format printing in order to request a banner you must have a digital layout with the image you want to put on the cloth, to know the size of the banner and to contact the specialists of the company. It should be noted that if necessary, the specialists can perform their own layout of the banner, i.e. the creation of a digital model of the future products.
The cost of production varies depending on the type of printing, the area of the banner, the image complexity, the need for additional services.In General, the banner price is affordable, and in the context of duration of its use, it is still quite profitable.


Large format printing

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UV printing

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Digital offset printing

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Our works:

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    printing on wallpaper

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