Plotter cutting and milling on a tablet plotter

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Plotter cutting and milling on a tablet plotter

JWEI flatbed cutting plotters are for cutting, perforation, creasing and drawing. Allow working with various materials up to 50 mm thick: corrugated paper of all types, waste paperboard, cellular cardboard, KT cardboard, PVC, polypropylene films, self-adhesive films, polyethene foam (EPE), acrylic materials. Accuracy of performance of operations – to 0,01 mm. The plotter is equipped with a feeding system for sheet and rolled materials.

Description of tools:

Static knife.
This type of knife is for cutting thin materials (up to 1.5 mm), such as PVC plastic sheeting or magnetic vinyl, leather and textiles, cardboard, wrapping paper, waste paper, offset paper, self-adhesive paper, etc. The rotation of the knife is carried out at a strictly specified angle, using a servo motor with a back reaction.

Creasing tool.
The plotter is with replaceable creasing wheels for cardboard of different types and thicknesses. The main task of this tool is to perform scoring. It is used in the production of packaging from corrugated and pressed cardboard. This tool, like the tangential knife, rotates due to the servo motor.

Perforation function.
This type of cutting is for notching the material, that is, for a blind cut and subsequent bending of the product along the notch line. The task is the same as for creasing wheels. Suitable for tighter materials such as pressed boards.

Shaped cutter.
A high-speed router bit (up to 60,000 rpm) for a wide range of applications provides high productivity in hard and soft materials.

Knife for cutting corrugated board with different angles (V-cut tool).
The V-slot cutter is ideal for complex structures production in foam core composites, honeycomb board, foam board or sandwich panels. The tool is for cutting at different angles and can be installed depending on the required degree of bending of the workpiece.

Kiss-cut tool (KissCutTool) is for cutting PVC film, foil, tissue paper, cardboard and other thin materials.


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